How to build free portfolio? 5 easy steps.

Want to build free portfolio? Photographers, models, architects, painters and all kinds of visual artists can benefit from having a portfolio of their best work online. This will make sharing photos with potential clients and employers easy and professional. Free online portfolio websites are a great source for such, allowing users to showcase their work. Here’s how to create an online portfolio using a system like Stylinova.
These 5 easy steps will teach you how to create your very own online portfolio.

Build free online portfolio account

Firstly, create an account on Stylinova. Go to Stylinova free online portfolio sign up page and provide your basic details e.g. name, email, password etc.signup

Choose an address

During the registration process choose your www address using your business name or simply a nickname. You will be using it dealing with your potential clients and other viewers.www

Invite friends

The next step is inviting your friends. Just write down their emails and Stylinova will send invitations on your behalf. Additionally you will get XP points for every friend who signs up!inv

Add projects and photos

Then go to your portfolio admin area and add projects and photos. Create your professional portfolio.welcome2

Choose a portfolio template

Finally, choose your free portfolio template. Some themes have different requirements. For a few bucks a month you can easily get Pro Account status which allows you to use elegant, unique free portfolio easlyI hope you will find this post helpful and will use Stylinova to build your portfolio online!