My 3D printing Projects. We will make three-dimensional object of almost any shape from a 3D model or other electronic data source primarily through additive processes in which successive layers of material are laid down under computer control.

The DIY Remote Controlled Robot with an Autonomous Mode

This is my first attempt to build a remote controlled robot with an autonomous mode.

I was thinking about some Roomba-style autonomous Arduino robot for some time now. It could be used to monitor the home environment and keep my cat busy when we’re away.

Teodor The Bored Cat

This project is my first attempt in the world of Arduino robotics and the first step towards something more useful. Subscribe to the newsletter if you want to be notified about next tutorials where I’ll demonstrate upgrades and further development. It’s my first C++ project so please be lenient if you see any anti-patterns. Of course feel free to comment if you feel something could be improved.

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3D Printed Case for Living Green Wall Project

This post is part of the series on DIY Living Green Wall:

  1. Living Green Wall Prototype
  2. Arduino Watering System Prototype
  3. 3D Printed Case for Living Green Wall project

To follow you need basic knowledge of Arduino circuits (do some tutorials first) and beginner skills in programming.

Business requirements

We need the project’s casing to:

  • enclose all the circuit parts
  • be extendable with different pumps, additional sensors, and functionalities
  • have an accessible manual control button
  • have an OLED display attached
  • have an easy access to Arduino UNO ports and power plug
  • be easy to disassemble, hence limit the use of glue and solder

We will use  Modular 3D Printed Case for DIY Project and extend the base design to fulfill our requirements.

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3D Printed Case (Modular!) for your DIY Project

Every time I build a DIY project I stumble upon the need to encase it. There is plenty available 3D Printed Case designs online but none truly met my needs for simplicity and modularity. This pushed me to design the case tailored exactly to my needs.

Business requirements

We need the project’s casing to:

  • enclose all the circuit parts
  • be easily extended with additional sensors, motors, and functionalities
  • be easy to modify
  • be easy to disassemble all the parts
  • limit the need for soldering and gluing
  • be 3D printed without support and bridges
  • be KISS (Keep It Simple, Stupid)

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DIY 3D Printer, cheap

Your next project could be DIY 3D Printer.

Creating things out of thin air has always been man’s dream. Unfortunately 3D printers are not molecular synthesizers. No doubt in near future every household will be using 3D printing device, just like microwave. We’re talking here about really close future.
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