3D Printed Case for Living Green Wall Project

This post is part of the series on DIY Living Green Wall:

  1. Living Green Wall Prototype
  2. Arduino Watering System Prototype
  3. 3D Printed Case for Living Green Wall project

To follow you need basic knowledge of Arduino circuits (do some tutorials first) and beginner skills in programming.

Business requirements

We need the project’s casing to:

  • enclose all the circuit parts
  • be extendable with different pumps, additional sensors, and functionalities
  • have an accessible manual control button
  • have an OLED display attached
  • have an easy access to Arduino UNO ports and power plug
  • be easy to disassemble, hence limit the use of glue and solder

We will use  Modular 3D Printed Case for DIY Project and extend the base design to fulfill our requirements.

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