Arduino Infrared (IR) Remote Driver Implementation

The Infrared Sensor

The IR Remote Receiver Electronic Module has 3 pins. From left to right they are (G) Ground, (V) Voltage, (S) Signal. BUT the marking sometimes varies on the little circuit board.




The Remote

We will use the remote to control the movement of our robot. (UP,DOWN,LEFT, RIGHT buttons) and toggle autonomous mode (HASH). In fact, you can assign any button on your remote to control these.

Decode your remote’s codes

While every IR remote has different codes assigned to every button you have to detect them for yourself. To detect the codes, upload this code to your Arduino, open Serial Monitor in Arduino IDE and write down the codes. Finally, you need to update the correct values in remotes implementation below.


Example Arduino Code

IR Remote Receiver – connect to Arduino

All the up-to-date code is always available in the GitHub repo: